Ghostly Dreams

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Share your ghostly encountered dreams. Your story could be featured in our next issue of Voices to Visions.

* please be honest and only share ghostly encountered dreams. please refrain from any use of foul language and/or adult situations. Thank you.


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  1. Green-fly says:

    The Soldier………….
    Without going into so much detail.. but you know when you dream and then you are switched to another dream. It’s not like that whole 8 hour movie or how long you do actually sleep.
    This particular dream parts are still is so fresh in my mind.
    I was in this building, old and abandon. I saw orbs, and they were bright! They came up to me and I was having a conversation with them. I walked around and turned into this hallway that had stairs on the left, the steps were facing away from me. This man was just standing there. He had a beige military uniform on. I can see him fully. (I remember his hat so I looked on the internet and it looks like 1940 WWW II) . I don’t remember what our conversation was, but I do remember two girls playing on the stairs. I turned to look at him again, and he disappeared.

    * You can train yourself to ask questions. I have done this before.. If you see someone you don’t know, or if this person you see might be a spirit, ask questions. Like: Who are you? Is there something you want to tell me? Can you tell me your name?

    * Now if you get scared, what and I am not saying this works for everyone, just surround yourself with white light. I say, Please God, surround me with you white light. Most of the time they go away.



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